Cleansers & Toners

  • Directions After cleansing the skin, apply modest quantity of toner, using sterile cotton pad. Gently pat over entire face. Use daily, AM & PM.
  • This unique formulation thoroughly, yet gently cleanses the skin when used regularly. An all natural, preservative-free, moderate foam gel cleanser, formulated with Glycolic, Lactic, Citric, Malic and Tartaric acids, derived from passion flower, lemon, grape and pineapple extracts; Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) and Japanese Green Tea, are included as effective anti-oxidants. Aloe Vera Gel, Algae Extract, Hydrolyzed Glycosaminoglycans and Kola Nut Extract are known natural extracts which are beneficial to the skin for soothing and healing.
  • This very gentle cleansing wash has been formulated by combining Retinol & Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A), Vitamin E & Natural Lipids with a special complex of Nature's finest Extracts. Pro-Med® Retinol Facial Cleanser thoroughly cleans the skin without ever stripping natural oils and moisture. Soft, silky skin and a youthful, healthy glow are the wonderful results. DIRECTIONS: Apply moderate amount to damp skin. Add tepid water and massage in a circular motion to create a creamlike low foam. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. Use twice daily.
  • Thoroughly cleanses the face, while leaving the skin supple, soft and moist. Helps maintains proper pH of skin without stripping natural oils or causing irritation. In addition to the vital ingredients used in Veradex-E® Ointment, a synergistic botanical complex plays an important role in maintaining moisture in the epidermis. DIRECTIONS: Apply to damp skin. Add tepid water and massage for low foam. Rinse thoroughly. Pat skin dry. Use twice daily.
  • **PLEASE NOTE: To support ALL our customers there is a limit of ELEVEN per order with FREE Shipping on ALL order of over $65.99** Alcohol Antiseptic 80% Topical Solution - 120 ml Portable Long-Lasting Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer Spray to help reduce bacteria that potentially can cause disease. For use when soap and water are not available.
    • Cleaning spray can be taken with you when you travel out of the home
    • Can wipe  door knobs, keyboards, mobile phones, office supplies, shopping carts, tableware, children's toys, car steering wheel, Seat, etc.
    • Portable, simple, fast and effective, effectively eliminate most pathogenic microorganisms
    • Can be used to clean items and skin and take care of your health