• Cera-Sterol®

    A technologically advanced complex system of structural lipids, anti-oxidants, and plant-derived squalane in an intensive serum produced by biofermentation techniques. Not An Animal Derived Product! Cera-Sterol® is comprised of glycoceramides, sphingolipids and cholesterol, as well as vitamin E acetate, beta carotene and plant derived squalane, ingredients which are functionally important to the human stratum corneum. The aging process, as well as resultant damage caused by washing, stress, environmental insults or excessive UV exposure, cause loss of "Lipids" and replacement of these structural lipids can dramatically improve the skin's correct moisture balance and protection system. Removing oxygen singlets, which cause premature aging, will further improve the appearance and vitality of the skin. Cera-Sterol® should be used after any exfoliation treatment, including Alpha Hydroxy Acid Treatments, TCA peels, routine facials, and as a final application after a daily skin regimen to "seal" in, and reincorporate moisture which exfoliation removes. Indeed, for any skin type, application by the esthetician after facials, and home use by the client, Cera-Sterol® is more than necessary it is Vital!
  • This extremely soothing, light gel is formulated with a variety of extracts and other natural ingredients to combat aging for all skin types. Derma-Drench restores dry and damaged skin, increases moisture retention, removes redness, improves firmness, elasticity and smoothness, while reducing fine lines. Derma-Drench is also an excellent pre & post shave gel.  This moisture rich formulation is ideal for beard conditioning prior to shaving, while skin tightening and redness reduction are apparent when applied immediately after shaving. Energize and refresh your skin with this unique formulation.
  • WE ARE TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK BUT ARE WORKING HARD TO HAVE MORE AVAILABLE SOON - PLEASE CHECK BACK! **PLEASE NOTE: To support ALL our customers there is a limit of ELEVEN per order with FREE Shipping on ALL order of over $65.99** Alcohol Antiseptic 80% Topical Solution - 120 ml Portable Long-Lasting Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer Spray to help reduce bacteria that potentially can cause disease. For use when soap and water are not available.
    • Cleaning spray can be taken with you when you travel out of the home
    • Can wipe  door knobs, keyboards, mobile phones, office supplies, shopping carts, tableware, children's toys, car steering wheel, Seat, etc.
    • Portable, simple, fast and effective, effectively eliminate most pathogenic microorganisms
    • Can be used to clean items and skin and take care of your health