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Our History

A-Cute Derm was founded by Esta Kronberg M.D., a Board-Certified Dermatologist and William C. Davis in 1987 to develop products that did not exist in the market for professionals and estheticians.

The intention was to provide the highest quality Pharmaceutical grade skin care products to better serve clients and achieve the best results possible.

A-Cute Derm has spent over 34 years of development to create the top products that every retail consumer should have access too.

Professional Quality 99%+ Pure

With over 34 years of development for professionals. All A-Cute Derm products are patent-tested and utilize pharmaceutical-grade, (highly purified ingredients) thereby offering the highest efficacy available in products today. Our products are developed with 99%+ pure ingredients. Pharmaceutical products are regulated as drugs. The ingredients must be pure, undiluted, conform to what is claimed, and lack impurities.

Cosmetic-grade products, commonly purchased at your local drugstore or department store, are not held to the same standard. Most skin care products in the retail market are cosmeceutical grade which is 70% pure ingredients. Cosmetic-grade products may be made with ingredients that are very non-pure, may contain numerous filler ingredients, and offer minimal effectiveness.