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Vitamin A Serum

Vitamin A Serum

When it comes maintaining beautiful, healthy skin, there can appear to be hundreds of options available. In reality, there are only a few. You can count on one hand the very few elite ingredients that have been found to do the greatest good in repairing, developing and keeping skin healthy. Why would you even consider anything but the best? Since you should only want the highest quality and efficacious products for your patients and clients, it is extremely important to do research for other key factors including history, available training, theory, quality, pricing, FDA registration, and customer service. One great product that helps the vast majority of people is vitamin A serum for the face. Our nutrient-rich formula is one of the most beneficial substances you can use for extremely high-quality skin care.

Replenishing Vitamin A

There are a wide variety of vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients that the skin needs in order to perform at its best. Who doesn't want to continue looking youthful and radiant? One of the most important needs of the skin is retinol (pure Vitamin A). The vitamin is known for its anti-aging properties, as it helps to regenerate skin cells and what we have come to know as ‘skin normalization' by fixing the damage. We get vitamin A from spinach, eggs, sweet potatoes, kale, etc. Retinol is converted in the body by an enzyme to create retinoic acid. This creates high efficacy if it is at active concentrations. Ours exceeds the active level. Therefore, positive results are achieved more readily from daily use of vitamin A serum for the face.

What can Vitamin A Serum do for the Face?

Vitamin A (Tretinoin) was originally developed as a treatment for acne. It can also greatly reduce the appearance of scars left over from previous breakouts. Vitamin A Serum has also helped to heal skin that has sustained sun damage.

Since 1986, clinical studies emphatically prove that it helps skin tone and texture. It goes deep into the dermis and initiates the exfoliation cycle to deliver fresh collagen, fibril tissue, and hyaluronic acid. It also creates 19 additional lipids, which help to keep your protective barrier, the Stratum Corneum, healthy.

Another form of Vitamin A has also been utilized for anti-aging and high-quality skincare for very sensitive skin, including eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis.

The A-Cute Derm Advantage

A-Cute Derm's vitamin A serum for the face is available in two strengths and an eye crème. Our products are available exclusively to dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and licensed skin care professionals to provide to their patients and clients. We are FDA registered and produce almost 100 products including 25 OTC Drugs. Our brand stands for exceptional quality at moderate pricing. Private label is available. We are proud to have been helping cultivate healthier skin since 1987. Contact us by phone at (800) 922-2883, email, or create an account on our website, to order our outstanding products today!