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The success of acne care is based on a core program

The success of acne care is based on a core program

The Core Program consists of three product groups:

Initially, we must properly assess skin type and grade of acne. You must also understand that acne and one’s appearance can affect a person’s life forever. This can and should address mental, social, and financial factors that each person has each and every day. Cleanse, Treat,  and Protect. This portion will cover Cleanser.


Antibacterial can be more effective than both ingredients noted above. However, antibacterial controls bacteria to a degree depending upon the active ingredient and its concentration(s). It does not typically kill bacteria at low strengths. The most common ingredient would be ethyl alcohol at 70% concentration, which is very drying and daily use for 25-28 days can cause over stimulation of the oil glands.


Antimicrobial is the finest format because this will kill the bacteria. We utilize maximum strength Benzathonium Chloride (0.2%). The kill rate is 99.9% on instant contact and lasts for four to six hours. The FDA mandates that we state a 20 second delay for kill rate but that is an industry standard and ours at maximum strength has confirming kill rate documentation. It is non-irritating. It can be used 2-3 times daily. Watch for our upcoming blog later this week that will cover Treatments.