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Improve Your Health with Emu Oil Products

Improve Your Health with Emu Oil Products
Nature is remarkable because it contains so many natural components that help us overcome disease and discomfort. Some of these have been around for thousands of years. Many more may still be undetected. Our desire to find a natural and potent moisturizer in 1995 for anti-aging skincare led us to a unique lipid, Kalaya Oil, more commonly known as Emu Oil. We learned to properly render the fat and purify it so that it would be pharmaceutical grade at 99.9% purity. This would enable us to utilize it in treating medical patients, specifically for burns and post-op CO2 laser surgery. Today, we can do much more to help with many medical conditions that will improve the lives of patients and clients.


What is Emu Oil?

Emu oil is derived from the fat of the [emu] bird. Emus are indigenous to the Australian Outback. Emus are similar to an ostrich based on appearance and their inability to fly. Thousands of years ago the native Aborigine people discovered that by applying strips of emu fat on their own bodies they could accelerate their own healing from injury and pain. Based on this we developed a serum for the medical community.

Modern Emu Oil Products

Our program developed with the assistance of Dr. Esta Kronberg, a board certified Dermatologist and Dr. T. Loesch, Ph.D. Biochemist. Dr. Kronberg was directly involved with our findings on anti-aging patients, specifically for laser resurfacing and chemical peels. Dr. Kronberg found that by utilizing our serum on her patients the typical scabbing and blistering associated with some of the procedures never occurred. It also minimized the pain while dramatically improving the healing process. Emu oil contains more omega 3 & 6 fatty acids (the good lipids) than anything else ever found. Even though no one has been able to determine the mechanism of action, we continue to find more benefits from medical patients to common home cuts and burns that are rapidly improved or resolved. These include eczema, psoriasis and rosacea, severe itching, curling iron burns, kitchen burns, arthritic pain and more. Send us your comments and learn how much better your patients and clients can look and feel today.