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Get a head start on the NEW YEAR WITH NEW SKIN!

Get a head start on the NEW YEAR WITH NEW SKIN!

Glycolic acid, non-buffered, remains the #1 ingredient for topical anti-aging skin care use. It is by far and away the most consistent and effective ingredient to exfoliate microscopically. This process stimulates the remarkable cycle in the skin to inherently create and deliver fibril tissue, collagen, hyaluronic acid and 19 additional critical lipids for healthy skin. It helps with thickening tissue, creating skin normalization, hypo and hyper-pigmentation, tone, texture and both softening fine lines and improving wrinkles. No other ingredient has been found to do all of this or as quickly.

We have been directly involved with this since its inception in dermatology in 1988.

For those of you with sensitive skin we recommend the use of our peptide products, which will do the same thing but more slowly and without any chance of minor irritation due to skin disorders, e.g. eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and folliculitis.