Product informations : Pro-Med® Microdermabrasion Gel

Pro-Med® Microdermabrasion Gel

$ 37.00
Pro-Med® Microdermabrasion Gel

Formulated for ALL SKIN TYPES.  This Gel is an extraordinary epidermal resurfacing product.  Utilizing a manual, non-invasive technique, this amazing formula brings together Aluminum Oxide crystals (as used in professional Microdermabrasion machines) with Jojoba Esters (beads) to create the most effective exfoliation system ever!
This non-aggressive treatment:

  • Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Rejuvenates uneven skin tone and texture
  • Smoothes stretch marks and mild acne scarring
  • Is helpful in eliminating ingrown hairs
  • Lightens hyper-pigmentation, skin discolorations and age spots due to sun or environmental damage
  • Restores the skin to incredibly youthful condition and appearance

By exfoliation of the dead skin cells found in the stratum corneum, results achieved with Pro-Med®  Microdermabrasion Gel are often the same as, or superior to, those seen when a traditional Microdermabrasion machine has been used (yet, without any intense redness or irritation). These amazing results in improvement of the skin are, in most cases, obvious after the very first treatment.

DIRECTIONS: Cleanse skin thoroughly before treatment. Skin should be left damp. Apply modest amount to skin, massaging in upward circular motion for up to 2 minutes. Adjust pressure of massage according to skin type and degree of sensitivity. Always avoid any contact with the eyes.  Rinse completely with tepid water, making certain to remove all traces of Gel.  Slight pink skin tone and tingling sensation is possible.  This is normal and transient. If desired, a cool moist, compress may be applied for a few moments.  A cooling herbal spray, or light moisturizing serum may be used to enhance the wonderful results of this exfoliation treatment.  Professional treatment should be repeated twice per month, for optimal results.   It is not suggested to use any additional exfoliation treatment (such as alpha hydroxy professional strength products, chemical peels etc.) in conjunction with application of professional strength Pro-Med®  Microdermabrasion Gel.  Client should use home care formula of this product, which is considerably gentler, 1-2 times per week, between professional treatments.  Use of sunscreen is always a must after ANY professional exfoliation treatment.


INGREDIENTS: Water, Aluminum Oxide, Jojoba Esters, Propylene Glycol, Hamamelis Virginiana, Carbomer, Dimethicone, Triethanolamine, Diazolidinyl Urea, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Ultramarines.

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